If you're in need of watching something to cheer you up this afternoon, then you may just be in luck.

What is one of a Brexiteer's favourite arguments in favour of leaving the EU? That uncontrolled immigration isn't benefiting the United Kingdom, and that there should be a filter on who is allowed into the country, depending on whether they're 'beneficial'.

Well, that's exactly the argument trotted out by a Brexiteer in this viral video. However it doesn't end well for him, after he's seriously schooled by a law grad.

In the video, the Brexiteer argues that immigrants should only be allowed into the country 'if they have money', and uses the example of his father, who he says had to save up and get health insurance before he was able to move to the United Sates in 1958.

He then says:

We're allowing vast amounts of people from Eastern Europe coming here [sic], that cost us money. 

Immigrants have to benefit the country, not be a burden to the country.

In response, Femi Oluwole, a law graduate, who is conducting the interview, asks the man a reasonable question.

After saying that he totally agrees with the Brexiteer, he says:

So... what if we had a situation where, in order to come to this country, you needed to either have a job, and therefore contribute to the economy, or have your own medical insurance and have enough money not to be a burden.

Would that be good? 

The Brexiteer falls for it. In response he says:

Yes, yes, it would.

Then Sorry drops the bomb.


Then, the Brexiteer attempts to defend himself:

Well, it's not working.

Sorry drops another one:

Well that's because the UK government has chosen to not let it work.

If that little exchange hasn't cheered you up this afternoon, we don't know what will.

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