Jeremy Hunt incorrectly says Slovenia was a former 'Soviet vassal state' during speech in Slovenia

The government's foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt has made a blunder about the history of Slovenia whilst visiting the eastern European country.

The Tory cabinet minister visited the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana on Thursday to meet with the country's deputy prime minister, Miro Cerar ahead of Britain's looming exit from the EU.

The pair reportedly had positive talks about protecting the rights of British and Slovenian citizens in both countries no matter the outcome of Brexit.

However, during a press conference alongside Cerar, Hunt managed to completely rewrite the history of the country by claiming it was once a 'Soviet vassal state.'

This is my first visit to Slovenia as foreign secretary. Not the first visit in my life but my first visit in a professional capacity. 

I'm really happy to be here as a fellow European country, the UK is very proud of the transformation there has been in Europe over the past 30 years. 

It's a really remarkable transformation from a former Soviet vassal state to a modern European democracy, a member of the EU, a member of NATO.

A flourishing economy. Growing its tourism, year in and year out. This is really an example of Europe at it's best.

Slovenia has never been part of the Soviet Union and was, in fact, part of the former Yugoslavia from December 1918 until the EU recognised it as it's own independent country in January 1992.

Quite how the foreign secretary managed to make such a statement is a little baffling. Then again this is a man who wasn't sure what the nationality of his wife was so are we hardly surprised?

Twitter has been quick to mock and condemn Hunt for such an inexplicable mistake.

The former president of the Slovenian parliament, Milan Brglez, wasn't too impressed with Hunt's statement either.

Indy100 has contacted Mr Hunt for comment.

HT Vecer

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