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Excuse us for interrupting your lovely weekend but – *checks watch * – it's officially Brexit month and the internet has a lot to say.

That's right everybody, only 27 days left until the government is meant to leave the European Union – if, that is, it actually happens.

For years, everybody has been speaking about that dreaded 29 March deadline, and now we can officially say that its just around the corner – fewer than 660 hours to be exact.

So, lets reflect on what has happened since the referendum in 2016, and ask ourselves: where are we now? Well...

Right, so that isn't looking too good. At least we can now start opening up the doors on our Brexit calendars, which is exciting, right?

If that didn't make you laugh, then here are some other hilarious moments of the internet reacting to Brexit month.

So, in an attempt to soothe the feelings of Brexit panic that may or may not have emerged during the duration of this article, here are some pictures of cute animals.

And while February breezed by (seriously, how did it go by so fast?), we have a strong feeling that this month will feel very, very long.

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