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Ferrin Roy was born with a 10cm birthmark on her face, and despite years of bullying and criticism she proudly refuses to have it removed or hide it on her wedding day.

Roy is a mental health counsellor from Louisiana and has previously written about her birthmark in the book The Mark She Kept: A woman's Journey.

Roy told Mail Online:

I never covered it and never will, I love answering questions about it and I just feel so good.

She also spoke about the (gross) requests people on the street would make to her regarding the birthmark.

Some people would squint their eyes, ask if it was paint, inquired about removal and also several people have asked to touch it

On her wedding day, she of course refused to cover it up.

She has said she hopes to inspire 'anyone who struggles with being different'.

I've always felt confident while gazing into a mirror. It was the opinion of others that I allowed to linger on for too long,

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