Britain First's Paul Golding turned his back the moment when Sadiq Khan was elected London Mayor

There were emotional scenes in London on Friday night when it was finally announced that Labour's Sadiq Khan had been elected as the city's next mayor.

The candidates gathered on stage for the official announcement around midnight (except for George Galloway, who came in seventh, and didn't bother to show up.)

Khan is London's first Muslim mayor, and the campaign was marked by ugly attempts by the opposition to smear him as "radical".

He used his victory speech to call for "hope over fear and unity over division" - but in a wilful display of missing the point, Britian First's candidate Paul Golding turned his back to face the wall while Khan was speaking.

This election was not without controversy and I'm so proud that London has today chosen hope over fear and unity over division...

Fear does not make us safer, it only makes us weaker and the politics of fear is simply not welcome in our city.

He then turned back to face the front again when Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith made his concession speech.

Golding's own mayoral run didn't go well: his far-right Britain First party finished with a dismal one per cent of the vote share.

As many people have pointed out - Golding may have turned his back on Khan, but London turned its back on him first.

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