Chicken Connoissuer/YouTube

If you don't already know who the Chicken Connoisseur is, you will be delighted to discover his existence.

How far down the chicken shop scale will you stoop? KFC can be too expensive for some, so why not a Morley's?

Really skint? How about a Chicken Cottage?

Chicken shops are part of the fabric of every London neighbourhood,

But where to eat? There's too much choice.

Since 2015 the Chicken Connoisseur has been assisting Londoners with helpful reviews.

The video series The Pengest Munch is quite possibly the best food programme this reporter has ever seen.

The most recent episode sees our critic in Tottenham.

Since it was posted on Thursday its been viewed over 100,000 times.

This is both comprehensive and hilarious.

The Connoisseur touches upon chip consistency, henchness of the burger, how much sauce is required, and of course, takes price into consideration.

And the production values are great too. Even a vegetarian is going to enjoy this (and possibly be reformed by it).

Despite his youthful features, the man himself is actually 23 apparently.

Earlier episodes took place in Chicken Valley (Edgeware Road), Dallas Chicken (Waterloo), Dixy (Tufnell Park), Eden's Cottage (Finsbury Park), and, Taste of Tennessee (Old Street).

From henceforth, the besuited gentleman has our undivided attention.

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