A child got detention for not being able to afford food and people are outraged


Poor children often end up punished at school for not being able to afford certain things – whether that's new clothes or equipment, the punishment is the same as if they simply chose not to bring it.

One parent is shining a light on this unfairness on Twitter.

Reportedly, their autistic son wasn't able to bring in ingredients for cooking class, and was punished with a detention.

One disbelieving person, @lovekeeley_tagged in the "didn't happen of the year awards", refusing to acknowledge the reality for many children in this country.

Luckily, however, most people were understanding, and outraged at the situation.

The OP followed up later to say that, "UPDATE: I am waiting for a call from the school & hope they have a more reasonable approach. It is possible this problem relates to just one teacher. Thank you for all your support, he won't be doing the detention no matter what they say....but I'll keep you posted!"

Hopefully this situation has helped to raise awareness not just with the OP's kid's school, but more widely.

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