As the general election campaign continues and temperatures drop, conversation has turned to children who are living in poverty.

Last night Channel 4’s flagship investigative programme Dispatches aired Growing Up Poor: Britain’s Breadline Kids. The documentary explored the lives of some of the 4 million children who are living in poverty in the UK. This comes as think tank Resolution Foundation warned that poverty could rise to a 60-year high under the Conservatives if Boris Johnson wins a majority on 12 December.

In advance of the full documentary being aired on Channel 4, clips were released on social media.

Cameron and his sisters rely on a food bank.

And 8 year-old Courtney’s family survive on just five pounds a day.

The overwhelming response on social media was one of heartbreak and anger at the desperate situation these children have been forced to endure.

But, sadly, there’s always going to be a minority who aren’t as supportive.

In response to watching a video about a family surviving on just £5 a day and sleeping fully clothed because they can't afford heating, several Twitter users made some “budgeting suggestions” for the family.

Bizarrely, these included getting a wood burning stove to save money heating bills, or even an Aga cooker.

Yes, an Aga as in… One of these, which retails at £11,500.

On Twitter, people weren’t impressed by this shocking lack of compassion for children in extreme poverty.

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