Chuka Umunna reveals Labour leadership bid in remarkably lo-fi manner

Chuka Umunna has announced he will be running for the Labour leadership in a video posted to his Facebook page (see below).

Channelling his inner-Ed Miliband, the shadow business secretary clearly decided to cast off his slick image and film the video on something resembling a potato.

At times appearing to read off a semi-legible autocue, the MP for Streatham announced his bid at the end of a meandering stream of consciousness about the party's unsuccessful election campaign while standing on Swindon high street.

After interviewing Labour's defeated parliamentary candidate for Swindon North, Mark Dempsey, Umunna explains that he wanted to wait to speak to lots of the party's defeated candidates and other "stakeholders" before making a decision on leadership.

I wanted to do that first before saying anything about my intentions with regards to the leadership of the Labour Party. I also, frankly, wanted to get out of London and say what I was going to do here, because of course we’ve got to be winning in a place like Swindon. So I’m pleased to be announcing that I will be standing for the leadership of the party.

North, South, East, West - Labour can and must win in 2020. - C

Posted by Chuka Umunna on Tuesday, 12 May 2015
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