Chuka Umunna storms off Sky News, calls Dermot Murnaghan 'ridiculous'

Chuka Umunna storms off Sky News, calls Dermot Murnaghan 'ridiculous'

Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna stormed off Sky News after taking umbrage to presenter Dermot Murnaghan's suggestion that he wouldn't answer questions because he didn't know the party line.

Mr Umunna, the Labour MP for Streatham, was asked to respond to the letter written by cabinet minister Eric Pickles to Britain's Muslim leaders.

After Mr Umunna admitted that he hadn't read the letter, Mr Murnaghan suggested he could come back on in half an hour after he's read it.

Well Dermot, I think you're being a bit ridiculous right now. Your viewers can form their own views. Nobody told me I was going to come on this programme and be asked to agree whether I thought the government was patronising Muslim people and Muslim leaders.

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"So you're not going to speak until you get the party line!" exclaims Mr Murnaghan. "Right, well we'll have to end it there."

This didn't go down too well with Mr Umunna, who did this:

You can watch the full video below:

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