Council forced to issue warning to a street that was making 'too much noise' during clap for carers

Council forced to issue warning to a street that was making 'too much noise' during clap for carers

The weekly 'clap for carers' is a way for the UK public to show its appreciation for the many key workers on the frontline against coronavirus.

However, after a few weeks of clapping and cheering at 8pm every Thursday, it would appear that some people are getting a bit too enthusiastic with the amount of noise that they are making.

We aren't talking about people banging their pots and pans like Nigel Farage, but rather playing music so loud that the local council has to get involved.

Authorities have had to warn people living in a cul-de-sac in Ashford, Surrey to turn the volume down on their music, which they have been blasting out during the round of applause.

According to Metro, 54-year-old Perry who works at Heathrow airport has been loudly playing both Dame Vera Lynn's "We'll Meet Again" and Captain Tom Moore's "You'll Never Walk Alone" for "less than half an hour" every Thursday and brings his community together in an act of solidarity for the NHS.

However, the gesture doesn't appear to have gone down too well with all his neighbours as Perry has received a letter from Spelthorne Borough Council asking him to keep the noise down.

Speaking to The Sun, Perry said that he and his neighbours love the sing-along and have vowed to carry on despite the warning.

It’s a real slap in the face. I’ve used my speaker since the start of all this and everyone here loves it. We just want a good time.

We stand outside and have a sing-along as a community for less than half an hour. It means a lot to people during the crisis.

However, according to the council, the noise complaint did not relate to the clap for carers but was in relation to other noise complaints from the area and was merely to advise them that a complaint had been made by others.

The clap for carers' applause has mostly been well received but criticism has started to seep in, especially after large groups of people, including key workers gathered on Westminster Bridge, for two weeks in a row for the applause, a clear violation of social distancing rules.

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