Grieving mother thought daughter who died from 'TikTok challenge' had 'bad digestion'

Grieving mother thought daughter who died from 'TikTok challenge' had 'bad digestion'
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An 11-year-old girl has died after taking part in a sick 'Whoever falls asleep last, wins' TikTok challenge.

The victim reportedly took two Clonazepam pills - used to treat seizures, panic disorder, and anxiety disorders.

The unnamed schoolgirl first collapsed in class.

She was diagnosed as brain dead in the hospital but passed away from a brain haemorrhage two days later on Wednesday (31 May).

The victim’s parents were informed that she had been transferred to the hospital due to constant vomiting.

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The girl’s mother said: “I thought it was bad digestion or something because they told me she was vomiting a lot.

“But in the hospital, they informed me that she had ingested a substance.”

The girl’s father called on the judicial authorities to fully investigate the matter and force the school director to release all the footage from the CCTV cameras.

Jam Press

He claimed his daughter was forced to take two pills by other sixth-grade students as part of the sick game also known as the ‘Clonazepam Challenge.’

As well as the 11-year-old victim, parents said three other children also took the pills

One of the students told the police that she fainted after taking the drug and was admitted to the hospital in a serious condition.

Following the incident, angry parents went to the school to demand answers from the head of Imperio del Tahuantinsuyo School in Lima, Peru.

They accused headmistress Victoria Huaylinos Gonzáles of failing to release all the details and CCTV footage.

The school head said: “All the right protocols were put in place and everything was reported to the corresponding authorities at the time.

“It is the first time something like this has happened and it is under investigation.”

However, parents claimed it wasn’t the first time schoolchildren had consumed the drug as part of the challenge.

Parents said the pills were brought to the school by a student who staff would have been aware of.

They said there was a similar incident at the school several weeks ago when a student suffered a seizure after allegedly taking a pill.

The police probe is ongoing.

In recent months, the TikTok challenge – has become increasingly popular in countries such as Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico.

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