Fox News guest suggested CNN should try to 'understand why' someone sent them a bomb

Fox News guest suggested CNN should try to 'understand why' someone sent them a bomb

A Fox News panel guest has suggested CNN’s news coverage contributed to the network being sent a bomb last week.

Emily Jashinsky, an editor for The Federalist, condemned the sending of the explosive packages, which were also sent to the Obamas, Joe Biden and the Clintons. But she also suggested that CNN should try to understand where the anger is coming from.

She said:

When you see at rallies people chanting, ‘CNN sucks’ — I would never do it personally — but CNN makes no effort to understand why people feel that way

They do the opposite. Right? They act like they are the victims, that they’ve done nothing wrong to deserve this.

She did make sure to state that “there’s no room for violence", but also added: “[CNN] need some self-reflection.”

Trump supporter Cesar Sayoc has been arrested and charged in connection with the packages. Attorney general Jeff Sessions suggested that, if found guilty, Sayoc could be sentenced to 58 years in prison.

Asked by Fox News host Howard Kurtz about any connection between Trump’s rhetoric and the packages, Jashinsky called this criticism “unfortunate”.

She said:

And it takes responsibility away from where it belongs: with the sick and twisted individuals who are committing these heinous crimes.

To blame anybody but the people responsible for this, I find disgraceful and unfortunate.

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