CNN hosts do shots live on air and it does not go well

CNN hosts do shots live on air and it does not go well

Practically the whole planet was celebrating 2020 being over, and some famous hosts seemed to very much enjoy presenting one of the live TV shows seeing us into the new year.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Watch What Happens Live presenter Andy Cohen downed shots to start off their New Year’s Eve special and promised to swig more every hour.

More drinks were exchanged after Cohen joked that Cooper had gone from a “zaddy to a daddy” in reference to his newly born son Wyatt, with the quip continuing as Cohen later added, to accompany another shot, “a vaccine’s on the way, daddy, let’s do it.”

Cooper appeared to struggle to handle the booze, often gagging immediately after downing his drinks - much to the amusement of viewers.

Cohen also joked that the presenting duo were so close to the stage they would be able to report on which artists were lip-syncing and which were truly performing live.

The highlight of the night for many, though, was Snoop Dogg’s appearance on the show.

Cohen decided to play a game he dubbed "Have you gotten high at...?" with the rapper, with Cooper breaking out into uncontrollable hysterics during the segment.

Snoop Dogg confirmed he had gotten high in the White House, on a yacht, at an NFL football game and many other locations with a new catchphrase: “Yes, yes, yes…”

Snoop Dogg started to trend on social media with many users in fits of laughter after the broadcast.

In the words of Cohen, after the clock passed midnight, “2020 is freaking gone.”

Here’s to 2021 but remember, please drink responsibly.

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