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Ever wondered what a dog feels like when it can't catch its lead?

Probably a lot like how you're going to feel after you watch this satellite video of coastline.

The video never focuses, bringing you back to the beginning each time. It's eternal excitement, followed by eternal disappoint. Brutal.

It appears to work thanks to the coastline paradox, a counterintuitive-sounding phenomenon that messes with cartographers.

Basically, your guess of how long a coastline is depends on the length of your measuring stick. The shorter the measuring stick, the more detail you capture - but therefore, the longer the coastline will be.

Imagine measuring the coastline on a huge map of Britain. If you use a 30cm ruler to measure the outline, you would have a rougher figure than if you used a 1cm ruler. But you could increase this precision indefinitely, meaning a coastline has no definite, measurable length.

While the video clip is only about two second long, who knows how long people will suffer watching it on loop?

Our thoughts are with this Reddit user who may be stuck in its web forever:

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