TV host almost loses her head after experiment ends very, very badly

TV host almost loses her head after experiment ends very, very badly

There's an old saying in television; never work with children or animals, it might be time to add scientists to that list.

Natarsha Belling, one of the hosts of Australia morning show Studio 10, was joined by YouTube science star Jacob Strickling, who demonstrated his fun but highly dangerous flying coke bottle trick.

The trick involves Strickling pouring liquid nitrogen into a bottle of coke.

The combination of the liquid and the beverage creates a highly potent mixture, which causes the bottle to fly into the air at an incredible speed.

Strickling performs the experiment fine the first two times, with the bottles flying into the air without a problem.

However, when he handed the reigns over Belling it was obvious, by her own admission, that she hadn't been paying attention to this science lesson.

As you can see, the bottle comes perilously close to smashing her in the face.

We hate to imagine what the health and safety regulations were like for this segment of the show.

In a testament to the trajectory and power of the rocket, you can clearly see a broken tree branch fall just behind Belling.

Fortunately, that was the only thing that was broken and everyone managed to nervously laugh it off moments later.

Strickling said immediately afterwards:

I told you this was going to be the best live television ever.

He then awkwardly attempted to plug his book before Belling interrupted him.

I can't hear out of my right ear.

What were your insurance details?

Her co-host Roxy Jacenko told Daily Mail Australia:

Tarsh got a shocking fright and it was so lucky the branch that broke off from the explosion never hit her on the head.

I was lucky to only catch a fright and end up smelling like Coles cola.

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