Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims Democrats sacrificed Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 'satanic' move

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims Democrats sacrificed Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 'satanic' move

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is spouting his usual inane drivel, declaring generally truly insane things about Ruth Bader Ginsburg relating to "blood sacrifice" and "satanic energy".

Speaking last Friday – the day Justice Ginsburg died – Jones discussed the pending Supreme Court nomination on his show InfoWars’ 2020 Election Countdown Take Back America.

He first mentioned that “it doesn’t matter what her most fervent wishes are,” (referencing her dying wish that she not be replaced before the election).

Jones later said he was talking to “a White House adviser as well, not just the two of the White House lawyers today” (???) before he went live on the show, and that’s where things really got off the rails.

Alex Jones and InfoWars have been banned on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, citing hate speech.

The radio host is best known for spreading false allegations and lies about tragic events, like when he repeatedly called the deadly 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a "giant hoax".

On Friday, he explained – or rather shouted – the “White House lawyers” said:

Look, the really sick math is they had her on life support, they could keep her alive with adrenaline and growth hormone and blood transfusions, and it was her wish to go ahead and die to get the vote out as a blood sacrifice because her main mission was to get abortion.

Sorry... WHAT?

He continued angrily:

Blood sacrifice that [Senator Chuck] Schumer talked about, if you want a war, quit letting us have the blood of the babies, we need that satanic energy.

While this seems this bizarre take is something we could and should completely ignore, despite bans, Alex Jones’ show is still widely available and unfortunately, thousands of people still listen to him.

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