These pictures of London completely empty show the shocking impact of social distancing

These pictures of London completely empty show the shocking impact of social distancing

For the past week, Londoners have been operating under strong social distancing advice, meaning no unnecessary social contact or travel should be undertaken within the capital.

As a result, some 9 million people who are usually flooding the streets of the city are largely trying to stay home as much as possible. That means no commute, no popping to Pret for lunch, no drinks at the pub, no weekend brunch at a cute Instagrammable cafe and definitely no activity that involves being in close proximity to anyone you're not already isolating with.

With most people working from home and leaving the house exclusively to buy essentials or go for a once-a-day walk for exercise and vitamin D, London has become almost unrecognisable to those who have no choice but to be out and about due to unavoidable work or caring responsibilities.

While the whole thing is obviously unsettling, it has also led to some incredible imagery of the busiest ares of the city now entirely deserted.

Trafalgar Square for example, usually crawling with tourists taking pictures and students queueing to get in the National Gallery to prove how very cultured they are.

Piccadilly Circus, the ever-hectic axis of shopping and theatre.

The sacred land of capitalism that is Oxford Street.

Covent Garden, with usually impenetrable crowds of hundreds surrounding diabolo acts and (problematic) Punch & Judy shows.

The ever-traffic-jammed Westminster Bridge, which connects north and south London and offers some of the most iconic views of the city.

And, of course, many many completely empty tube stations...

...and Tube trains themselves.

It seems Londoners really are taking notice of government advice and staying indoors.

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