A definitive ranking of the MPs houses that we have seen on video calls

A definitive ranking of the MPs houses that we have seen on video calls

Let's not kid ourselves, being locked up indoors all day and reduced to just a few essential outdoor activities isn't the most riveting way to spend months on end but there's not much we can do about that.

However, one small silver lining is the fact that the nosiest of us have been granted unprecedented access into other's homes thanks to the technology that so many of us have resorted to during these times.

While we might be familiar with friends or colleague's homes already, the fact that we can now see into politicians homes has been a revelation just a tiny bit less fun as MTV Cribs.

As PMQs now goes digital with only a handful of MPs actually sitting in the Commons and media interviews being conducted through Zoom, we can see how the people we vote for actually choose to decorate their homes.

We'll admit that some are better than others but it is all down to the placement of that webcam and so far it has produced some real eye-openers. So, without further ado here are 23 of the worst to the best backgrounds that MPs have used so far.

Note: Anyone who has gone for a boring featuring just a white door or wall is immediately disqualified for lack of effort.

23. Stephen Kinnock

Unfortunately for Kinnock his bizarre appearance on last week's PMQs finishes bottom for us by virtue of it being just too weird.

22. Helen Whately

The minister for Health and Social Care has had a torrid time during this pandemic thanks to her clashes with Piers Morgan and her background is clearly feeling the toll. We can barely read that Faversham sign.

21. David Davis

The former Brexit secretary possibly oversubscribed to the Encyclopaedia Britannica when he was younger...

20. Hilary Benn

Quite why Benn decided to sit right in front of his mantelpiece is beyond us ​but it was a set up for a perfect joke...

19. Liz Kendall

Not a great effort here from Labour's Liz Kendall who chose to display a half-empty bookshelf to the nation. Tsk tsk...

18. Priti Patel

Mad stuff from the home secretary who may or may not live in a home that is made out of frosted glass.

17. Keir Starmer

Really not much to say about this other than Keir Starmer might not have decorated his home since 1984.

16. Nicholas Fletcher

Not sure about you but we reckon that Fletcher might have gotten his decoration inspiration from a takeaway that he might have visited in his constituency.

15. Matt Hancock

Way too much chaotic energy from Hancock here. Messy bookshelves. A Newcastle United shirt. No clear entry or exit and let's not get us started on that Queen painting.

14. Barry Gardiner

The former shadow secretary for international trade appears to live in some brown hell...

13. Gary Streeter

The Tory MP for Devon South West was either doing this call from a pub that he had quarantined himself in or he has converted his home into a small castle.

12. Lisa Nandy

We're not sure about this from Lisa Nandy. We can see what she was going for but we are getting flashbacks to the end of Hereditary.

11. Jeremy Hunt

This is nice from Hunt but we can't help but feel he is showing off.

10. Michael Gove

This should probably go lower but the audio cameo from Gove's cat really makes it.

9. Jeremy Corbyn

We're not sure this counts as Corbyn has clearly done it in his back garden but we'll allow it.

8. David Lammy

An unconventional effort here from the MP for Tottenham but he clearly displays a fondness for art and cacti, which is OK by us.

7. Sara Britcliffe

The Tory MP for Hyndburn and Haslingden​ is a relative newcomer to British politics and shows a nice sentiment by displaying her children's art for all to see.

6. Ed Davey

Nothing too flashy from the only Lib Dem on the list but a really nice collection of art sets off from the rest.

5. Angela Rayner

We're not sure about the empty shelves but the flamingo and a pink bottle of fizz gets the thumbs up from us.

4. Simon Fell

A plea for help or an appreciation of abstract art? We'll let you decided but this is a fantastically surreal effort from Simon Fell.

3. Ian Blackford

Not the most aesthetically pleasing backdrop from the leader of the SNP but his Mitre football collection and Hibernian programme is sure to delight old school football fanatics.​

2. Theresa May

We honestly didn't know where to put this but probably placed it so high because it is so brilliantly bonkers. We can't tell if this is the basement, the landing or a stairway to another realm and, to be honest, we don't want to know.

1. Caroline Lucas

You just knew that Caroline Lucas would smash this didn't you? A classy and professional effort from the leader of the Green Party. It looks like the sort of place that you would quite happily be quarantined to for months and wouldn't bat an eyelid.

Bonus: Nigel Farage

Although not an MP we could hardly forget Farage and his Union Jack cushion and picture of a squirrel...

We're just really sad that we still haven't got a good look at Jacob Rees-Mogg's house who we are sure lives in a haunted stately home.

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