Piers Morgan rages at Question Time line-up featuring 'a ranting Scottish rapper' and 'scientist praising China'

Greg Evans
Friday 10 April 2020 07:00
Picture:(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for BAFTA LA/Twitter)

Piers Morgan has criticised Thursday night's Question TIme line-up which he called an 'absolute shocker' during the 'biggest crisis since WWII.'

Thursday's line-up which took place during the UK's third week of lockdown and without a studio audience, due to social distancing measures, featured a line-up of Northern Ireland secretary, Brandon Lewis, the shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Rachel Reeves, Professor of experimental medicine at Imperial College, Peter Openshaw, the Scottish rapper, Loki, a television personality and mental health activist, Ruby Wax, who was a last-minute addition.

However, Morgan felt that considering the seriousness of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the line-up should have been more robust and not feature a 'ranting Scottish rapper' or 'a scientist praising China,' which is what he posted in an outburst on Twitter.

He also called Loki 'a raging lunatic.'

It's not clear if Morgan watched the entire show but people disagreed with his statement, with many defending Loki and what he had to say on coronavirus.

Although the show was not to Morgan's liking it did feature Professor Openshaw highlight how the health service has struggled in the crisis due to so little investment over the last decade. He said:

It’s incredibly important to appreciate the great work of the scientists who’ve been developing testing in this country have been doing.

They’ve been working really hard to build up from a low place because there hasn’t been enough investment in public health over the last 10 years, and the public health structure has been reorganised repeatedly.

I think we do know now that we can get on with the testing, but it’s important that it’s really high quality.

At the time of writing more than 65,000 people in the UK have tested positive for coronavirus, with 7,978 of those resulting in deaths.