Anti-lockdown protester ridiculed for holding ‘Covid-19 is a lie’ sign while wearing head-to-toe protective gear

As lockdown continues to have a huge impact on peoples’ lives across the world, tensions are rising in the USA, with protests starting to form against statewide lockdown orders.

Trump has appeared to encourage protestors in Virginia, Michigan and Minnesota who have gathered to protest against stay-at-home orders which are designed to stop the spread of Covid-19.

But a protester in Huntington Beach in California seems to have missed the point slightly.

A man was photographed protesting the lockdown with a sign that reas: “COVID-19 IS A LIE”.

So far, so strange.

Yet people couldn’t help but notice that he was dressed in head-to-toe protective gear.

A slightly strange choice of outfit for someone who apparently believes that Covid-19 is a lie, right? You really couldn’t make it up.

It’s obviously distressing that people believe this deadly pandemic is a hoax. But it’s hardly surprising seeing as Trump has frequently fanned the flames of conspiracy theories to his own benefit. Many of the supporters photographed over the weekend made clear they were Trump supporters, so his words clearly hold a lot of sway with them.

To add another layer of ridiculousness to this protester’s getup, the rest of the text on his sign (excluding the letters in bold capitals) is so small that you’d need to be pretty close to him to read it.

*Face palms*

Obviously lots of people on social media saw the funny side in a man wearing head-to-toe protective gear brandishing this sign.

There were tweets, lots of tweets…

It’s obviously a tough decision whether to believe people like this man and the president or, you know, actual experts.

However will we decide?

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