13-year-old boy sent home from school for secretly selling hand sanitiser in the playground


A crisis brings out the best – and worst – in people.

Some think of the less privileged who will need their help more than ever. Some fight in supermarkets over loo roll.

And others… sell squirts of hand sanitiser to their teenage mates, at 50p a pop.

That’s what one Mum discovered her 13 year-old son had been doing, after he was sent home from school.

Alan Sugar who?

Jenny Tompkins, from Leeds, then wrote up the exploits of Oliver, her son, in a masterpiece of a Facebook post.

“This is a picture of my teenage son just getting in from school,” she told her Facebook friends.

Why is he getting in from school at 10:53am you ask? Schools don't finish until 3pm 🤔

Well the little turd has just been expelled from school for the day after been caught charging students 50p a squirt for hand sanitiser to protect themselfs [sic] from the bloody corona virus!!

Truly, evil brilliance.

His dad wasn’t much help when it came to disciplining Oliver, either.

Jenny said he called his son from work… in order to tell him he was a “f**king legend”.

“[Oliver] said that he'd been caught charging students for hand sanitiser and that although his teacher found it funny, it was viewed as praying on the vulnerable,” she told Leeds Live.

He smiled and said he best not be grounded.

I was trying to tell him he shouldn't have done it and how serious the virus was but half way through the conversation, his dad rang him from work and told him he was a legend.


And, incredibly, Oliver’s schoolmates had actually coughed up cash for a product that is almost definitely in their own school toilets – he made at least £9 (which means he served 18 people) before he was caught.

Unfortunately then the Del Boy of the Dales was then busted by his teachers.

He got to keep the earnings though and has already invested some in a “multipack of Doritos,” followed by a further portfolio in the local donor kebab stop, according to Jenny.

All in all, there doesn’t seem to be much of a life lesson in this for Oliver – who went viral, received national media attention, got praise from his parents and, most importantly, a doner kebab – except that “capitalism is good”.



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