Food banks across the UK are running out of supplies because of coronavirus panic-buying

The potential ramifications of coronavirus are only starting to properly reveal themselves.

Two million people who could lose out on sick pay, the worst stock market collapse since the financial crisis and warnings that the NHS is underprepared to handle the outbreak.

When it comes to stockpiling goods, we’re already seeing worrying consequences, including immunosuppressed people and OCD sufferers being unable to access supplies like masks and hand sanitiser that they need in order to manage conditions and compulsions.

Panic-buying of goods is also having an knock-on effect though: shortages at foodbanks.

The Guardian reports that foodbanks across Britain are running out of basic supplies like milk and cereal as a hoarding mentality takes over.

One London foodbank said they’d seen a 25 per cent drop in usual donations given to Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Food bank organisers in Scotland, Liverpool and Leicester said stocks of UHT milk had either run out or were dangerously low – a vital part of packages handed out to keep young children and expectant mothers healthy.

There’s also fears foodbanks may be forced to close to avoid spread of the disease, putting their approximately 1.6 million users across the UK in jeopardy.

So internet users are trying to spread the message and encourage those with extra supplies to consider dropping some off to people in dire need.

From toiletries to basic food supplies – it's all welcomed.

Seems like a no-brainer.

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