These photos from across the world show us what our socially distanced future might look like

If you’ve been reading the news from abroad, it’s looking very likely that social distancing is going to continue for quite some time as Covid-19 sticks around for longer than we’d hope​d.

To avoid further 'peaks', we’re going to have to make adjustments to our lives as we get back to normal activities like eating out and exercising.

Photos are emerging from countries around the world who are adapting spaces to fit into this “new normal”.

Places such as the Netherlands and Hong Kong, which have moved through the initial “peak”, are redesigning gyms, restaurants and air travel for the post-Covid-peak world, where we’ll need to be mindful that if we aren’t vigilant, the virus could spread quickly again.

The photos of gyms in particular got mixed reviews, with some people not seeing the point…

And others welcoming these potential changes…

It just goes to show that, over the coming weeks and months, we're probably all going to have to adapt to more changes as we come together to defeat Covid-19 long term.

And if you're waiting for things to become normal again overnight, you might be waiting a while.

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