Trump just bragged that America’s coronavirus mortality rate is ‘one of the lowest in the world’

Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has been… interesting, to say the least.

His coronavirus messaging has been predictably rambly and his daily press briefings have turned into somewhat of a circus as he’s attempted to steer any blame for the crisis away from himself and on to other people (governors, China and Obama to name a few).

At his latest briefing Trump boasted about America’s “very low” coronavirus mortality rate.

Addressing reporters at the White House, he said:

We are making tremendous strides against this invisible enemy thanks to our aggressive campaign against the virus and the extraordinary talent of our medical professionals.

Our mortality rate remains roughly half of that of many other countries and one of the lowest of any country in the world and that’s due to a lot of things, but our medical professionals have been incredible.

But 44,000 people have died of coronavirus, the most out of any country in the world.

The US currently has over 810,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, which is also the highest that any country has officially recorded.

Total deaths is of, of course, different to the mortality rate.

But a report by the New York Times suggests that we still don't know the real mortality rate of Covid-19, and it seems like a strange figure to focus on above the actual number of deaths.

It's also likely that the death toll is higher than we know, with people in poorer communities slipping through the cracks and home deaths from Covid-19 likely going unrecorded.

So it might be too early to speculate. And with the official US coronavirus death toll approaching 50,000, it's definitely not the time to celebrate.

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