Boris Johnson and the governments' new slogan on how to stay safe during the coronavirus has been so widely ridiculed that is has become a meme.

Late on Saturday, the new safety message for the public was leaked revealing that it was being changed from the 'stay home, save lives, protect the NHS' to 'stay alert, control the virus, save lives.'

The red lines have now been replaced with green lines but the messaging has been completely ridiculed for giving off a confusing and unclear message.

The public has since responded by making their own parody versions of the new slogan and design reducing it to nothing more than a joke.

Here are some of our favourites which verge from the political to the downright farcical.

Parodies of the slogan aren't the only memes about 'stay alert' that have begun to pop up.

At the time of writing the UK has the second-highest coronavirus death toll in the world, with more than 31,000 people losing their lives during the pandemic.

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