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Despite promising to fight for the LGBT community, the Trump administration continues to disrupt LGBTQI progress and equality...fortunately the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have something to say about it.

Just this week, Trump rescinded federal guidelines which had allowed transgender pupils to use the bathrooom of the gender they identify with.

Coincidentally, this week also marked the start of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC 2017) - one of the largest annual Republican gatherings.

And it appears that the HRC, the largest national LGBTQ civil rights organisation in the US, decided to do a little targeted advertising...

Recorded on a Reddit post, the HRC sent out this ad on Grindr, one of the most popular gay social network app, in the Alexandria area...

Picture:Picture: (Screenshot / reddit.com )


You can't be WITH US in the hotel room and AGAINST US in the CPAC ballroom.

- Human Rights Campaign

The implication being that there are certain men who oppose LGBTQ-inclusive policies and equality on a public platform, but change their tune when it comes to whom they 'hook up' with.

The response to the ad was pretty supportive...

But surely the odds of policymakers seeing that message are low? We hear you enquire...

Well, according to data released by Grindr last year, the biggest trend during the Republican National Convention (RNC) was a disproportionate increase in activity in the area - around 120 per cent, in fact.

A Grindr spokesperson told Broadly Vice that "more than a thousand guys used the app near the Quicken Loans Arena," the venue for the Convention.

There was also an over-representation of white males, compared to the Grindr community at large: "White men comprise only 40 percent of the Grindr community, but represent 75 per cent of the visitors [at the RNC].”

According to Grindr, the most popular terms used in the profiles during the RNC in 2016 were "visiting" and "fun", as well as 27 mentions of the RNC in profiles and six mentions of Trump.

It was at that convention, ironically, that Trump vowed to protect the LGBTQ community against threats.

HRC confirmed to indy100 over the weekend that the ad is genuine and was implemented on the gay networking app Grindr.

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