Restaurant praised for iconic response to customer’s heartbreaking pizza request

Restaurant praised for iconic response to customer’s heartbreaking pizza request

The crestfallen pizza lover was given a very special birthday treat


A New York pizza restaurant has captured the hearts of the internet after honouring a customer's wholesome birthday request.

In a post that's blown up on Reddit, one user candidly shared their note to the pizza joint saying they were sad on their big day, adding that "not even [their] family called [them]."

The customer then launched into their love for olives and kindly requested "as many black olives" to be added to the pizza as was humanly possible.

They joked: "I want you to put on so many black olives that you start to question mine and your own sanity. As much as you can include without being fired. Thank you."

Norbert's in Brooklyn honoured the heartbreaking note by drowning the pizza in black olives – and even including a side pot of the small fruit.


The post was soon inundated with thousands of responses, with the original poster even acknowledging "all of the nice comments" they woke up to.

"You all definitely made me feel a lot better about the day," they added before thanking people for being so positive.

"I've worked a ton of pizza jobs, and this is the kind of s**t I lived for," one person responded. "It's easy to get lost in the monotony, but getting an opportunity to cheer up a stranger was always a joy. Plus, it's fun to be a little creative with box art. I remember every single instance of people asking for weird custom stuff like this. Just wanted you to know you made their night as well."

Another Redditor joked: "Do you think maybe your family doesn't talk to you because of your olive addiction? It's time to go to rehab bud. Happy birthday ya fiend."

However, one person wasn't much of a fan of the additions, writing: "You should be in jail for this pizza".

While an olive-covered pizza isn't everyone's cup of tea, wait until you see the national dish-inspired pizza toppings made for 2023's Eurovision.

Sweden's fish-covered pizza? I think we'll pass.

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