Dominic Cummings might finally be resigning and the internet has reacted accordingly
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Many months after the nation first called for his resignation, Dominic Cummings is rumoured to be leaving his role as adviser to Boris Johnson.

Cummings had already said he hoped to make himself “largely redundant” by the end of the year, but according to the BBC he’ll be gone before Christmas.

There were many calls for the senior aide to resign in May, after he was accused of breaking the lockdown rules by driving to Barnard Castle to test his vision. He denies he broke the rules.

He’d be following in the footsteps of Lee Cain, the former Downing Street director of communications, who handed in his resignation earlier this week.

The news of the controversial figure's future potential departure set the internet alight.

As with all major political events nowadays, some great memes came out of it. People just couldn't help but make tongue-in-cheek comments about the situation.

Somebody even wrote a poem about it.

See you later, Dom!

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