Donald Trump seems to have only just worked out that The Apprentice was about apprenticeships

Just when you thought the whole Donald Trump presidency couldn't get more farcical, it does.

Now, it appears that Trump didn't know that The Apprentice was about apprenticeships until July 19, 2018 - despite presenting the competitive business television show for 14 series.

Speaking to a crowd at a White House event called 'Pledge to America's Workers', Trump read out a line in the prepared text that included the word 'apprenticeships'.

Then, he went off on a tangent about his old television show:

That’s an interesting word for me to be saying, right? 

The Apprentice. I never actually put that together until just now.

The 'stable genius' then turned to his daughter, Ivanka, and said:

Isn’t that strange, Ivanka, I never associated, but here we are.


Some on Twitter pointed out that this isn't Trump's first 'stupid' thing he's said.

Others got stuck in with some serious memes.

Others got involved with the would / wouldn't comparisons.

Others found it scary that this man is leader of the Free World

Some were pretty taken aback.

And some had a 'head in hands' moment.

Whatever your take, this probably isn't the first or last time we'll see Trump making some pretty groundbreaking observations.

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