Trump accused social media of 'discrimination' of conservative voices. The internet reacted accordingly


Donald Trump threw in his opinion about the growing debate over social media and censorship, and accused organisations of censoring "conservative voices".

The US president tweeted from his Bedminster resort in New Jersey, suggesting that "too many voices are being destroyed, some good & some bad and that cannot be allowed to happen".

He added that "mistakes are being made" and vowed that his administration wasn't going to let that happen.

His comments come just two weeks after YouTube, Apple, Spotify and Facebook took down web pages operated by far-right Trump supporter and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Twitter soon followed suit and suspended his account - although only temporarily.

Social media giants have been culling offensive, racist and sexist content posted online, and this isn't the first instance of accounts being curbed or deleted. Prager University, a right-wing NGO that often posts videos and social commentary on Facebook, accused the platform of deleting some of its videos, and preventing their three million followers from viewing their posts. One such video was called 'Make America Masculine Again'.

Facebook later apologised reinstated the video, saying it was removed by mistake.

However social media organisations insist that they're not curbing free speech - they're limiting offensive content.

Trump isn't convinced, but people online aren't convinced by his diatribe, either.

Also, social media companies delete accounts that, you know, threaten and/or otherwise post discriminatory content...

Trump is trailing irony, as per usual...

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale pointed out how many times the US president had called for arbitrary censorship of TV networks.

Others pointed out the danger of attempting to curtail voices on social media...

Authoritarian regimes rely on repression and intimidation of opposition forces. One arm of this is the simultaneous intimidation and discrediting of journalists and its critics.


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