This Republican says God will ‘take care of' climate change

This Republican says God will ‘take care of' climate change

A Republican Member of Congress has told a group of constituents not to worry about climate change, because God will 'take care of it'.

Tim Walberg, the US Representative for Michigan's 7th district, made the comments at town hall meeting in the city of Coldwater on Wednesday.

The remarks came ahead of President Donald Trump's decision pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

A total of 147 countries have ratified the agreement which, among other pledges, swore countries to hold global temperatures not more than two degrees celsius higher than pre-industrial levels.

Representative Walberg, who supported President's Trump's said this to the town hall meeting:

Do I think man has some impact?

Yeah of course.

Can man change the entire universe?


Walberg continued, stating his Christianity, and his faith that:

If there's a real problem, he [a creator God] can take care of it.

HT The Independent

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