How newspapers around the world reacted to Donald Trump's win
Le Journal de Montreal

The world is still coming to terms with the fact that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States.

Whether they were rooting for Hillary Clinton to become the country's first female President, or were genuinely hoping for a Trump victory, it's safe to say his win came as a surprise to many.

The shock and confusion a lot of people have been feeling was echoed by news outlets around the world, as they reported the Republican billionaire's unprecedented win on their front pages.

Here is how newspapers around the world have reacted to the news:

The Daily Telegraph, Australia

Le Journal de Montréal, Canada

New York Daily News, US

Clarín, Argentina:

"Trump wins and US begins an era that will shake the world"

The Australian Business Review

Al Akhbar, Egypt

The Times, UK

The Times November 9 frontpage

Daily News, Barbados

El Periódico, Spain:

"God forgive America - Republican candidate's populism prevails and causes the collapse of Clinton"

Libération, France

Liberation November 9 frontpage

The New Zealand Herald

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