Have you ever watched a Donald Trump rally and wondered who the people standing behind him are?

Are they actual Republicans? Are they members of the alt-right? Or are they secret members of the resistance, aiming to sabotage Trump's plans?

We can't be sure of the answer to that question, but one man at Trump's rally in Montana on Thursday gave us a good indication that no everyone at these rallies necessarily supports the POTUS.

A man wearing a plaid shirt, who was stood directly behind Trump pulled a series of animated facial expression after Trump said something questionable.

His performance was captured in a series of tweets by Business Insider journalist David Choi.

Another clip shared on Twitter sees the unnamed man mouth the word "what?!?!" after Trump made a comparison between the running a mile and the 100-yard dash in relation to winning the electoral college vote.

Eventually, someone in the production team cottoned on to what was going on and removed our hero from the stage.

Shortly after that, the woman that had been standing next to the man was also replaced.

Fortunately, his efforts to 'smash the system' did not go unnoticed and everyone was celebrating his heroics online.

HT Business Insider

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