Trump trolled for failing to pronounce 'anonymous' at campaign rally

Jake Hall
Friday 07 September 2018 14:30

Earlier this week, the New York Times made a rare editorial decision to publish an anonymous essay.

The salacious piece, authored by a senior official in the Trump administration, pulled no punches in its scathing takedown of the “petty”, “amoral” and “erratic” president.

The writer also describes a resistance taking place within the White House; not only is this resistance seemingly being led by some of Trump's closest allies, it's also a rebellion which he's apparently more or less oblivious to.

Trump responded in signature fashion by blasting the 'failing' New York Times at a Republican event in Montana, but some corners of the internet ignored the speech altogether and instead homed in on his struggle to pronounce the word 'anonymous'.

Small mistakes like these might seem trivial, but they don't exactly help the reputation of a man who is already treated by many as a walking punchline. From giant baby blimps to an endless stream of memes, it seems unlikely that the internet will give Trump a break any time soon.

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