Donald Trump tried to give a high-five in the Republican debate and failed exquisitely

During Wednesday night's second Republican primary debate to determine the GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was on top 'F__kface von Clownstick' form.

During a question about which secret service code name the 11 frontrunner candidates would choose if they reached the White House, the improbably-haired property magnate gave former Florida governor Jeb Bush a low-five for his choice, "Ever Ready," a type of battery (Trump went for "Humble", in case you were wondering).

But the real money shot came later, when Trump wanted to repeat the show of comradery with Ben Carson, the candidate standing on his other side.

To be fair to Trump, it looks like Carson purposely went in for a handshake and thus left the billionaire businessman awkwardly hanging.

Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen: making America great again.

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