Donald Trump tweeted a video of himself beating up CNN and the internet can't handle it

Donald Trump tweeted a video of himself beating up CNN and the internet can't handle it

Donald Trump has tweeted some pretty weird stuff in the past - but where do we even start with this?

In case you aren't up to date, the current President of the United States is locked in a bit of a feud with news network CNN.

This is after the network retracted a story which alleged that one of the Presidents aides was being investigated by Congress.

Trump, who loves to label anything negative, even serious accusations, as 'Fake News' has taken his assault on CNN to the next level with this bizarre tweet.

For a bit of context, that video is taken from Wrestlemania 23 in 2007 where Trump fought WWE owner Vince McMahon in the 'Battle of the Billionaires.'

Ironically McMahon's wife, Linda is currently a member of the Trump government where she is the Administrator for Small Business Administration.

Although wrestling is predetermined sport, Trump did win on the evening but he's probably forgotten what happened in the aftermath of the match.

Perhaps the White House should employ Stone Cold Steve Austin just in case things start to get out of hand? Just a suggestion.

Regardless, CNN's Senior White House Corespondent had the perfect response to the tweet.

To make the situation stranger Trump also retweeted the video from the official POTUS account, meaning that it will forever exist in the National Archives.

In all seriousness, Trump would argue he's exercising his rights according to the first amendment - but his actions are starting to become less and less presidential by the day - as these tweets exemplify.

There's a reason you treat the office with a bit of dignity.

Trump's Homeland Security Adviser Thomas Bossert said he didn't see anything wrong with the tweet:

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