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We're sorry to inform you but Donald Trump, President of the United States, is retweeting again.

This morning the Commander if Chief took to Twitter to mock North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, calling him "Rocket Man."

This probably isn't the best move and he has since followed it up with some really strange activity on the account for a President.

Firstly he singled out one of his supporters to politely reply to, which is odd because he probably receives thousands of those sort of messages all the time.

Then he retweeted a frenzy of memes that depict him as a strong leader, mostly from the same pro-Trump account.

We're pretty sure that "The Trump Train" came to a halt a while ago.

Perhaps the most questionable retweet (I mean they are all questionable) is a video showing him hitting a golf ball at Hillary Clinton.

Seriously Donald? You won the election. You beat her. It's over.

There was even a chance to take a swipe at the "crooked media" and the The New York Times.

If Trump didn't need his ego boosting anymore he also retweeted an article from Bloomberg which estimated how much he is worth to Twitter.

$2 billion in case you were wondering.

At least he has the backing of his supporters though.

Once again, the above are all tweets that the President of the United States of America retweeted on 17 September 2017.

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