Drunk dog rushed to vets after breaking into owner's alcohol cupboard

Drunk dog rushed to vets after breaking into owner's alcohol cupboard
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A dog owner was mortified to learn her husky/shepherd mix managed to down a bottle of Baileys and vodka and was completely fine the next day with no issues – or hangover.

In the viral clip shared to TikTok, Mary (@mcgat1) showed her guilty dog Max calmly sitting on the rug.

"This is empty," she told her 35 million viewers while holding a bottle of Baileys to the camera. "This was probably more than halfway full."

Mary then picked up a second alcohol bottle with around a quarter of vodka left which she said had also been consumed.

"Jack, try to walk, come on," she called to the dog.

Hilariously, Jack tried to act sober before realising his inability to walk straight.

"It’s not funny, but my dog is drunk and I don’t know what to do about it," Mary said between laughs.

Of course, people were inevitably concerned about the dog's condition, but it didn't take long for people to see the funny side.

"Get him a donner wrap and a Lucozade, be right as rain tomorrow," one TikToker humoured while another added: "At least he's a happy drunk."

A third joked: "I think it’s time to stage an intervention."


I am Jack this holiday szn ***dog was taken to the vet and treated. No animal abuse occurred***#drunk #drunkdog #holiday

Luckily, Jack reached a stable condition after spending the night at the vet's, having his bloods taken and being monitored by professionals.

In a follow-up clip, Mary gave viewers more context and an update on his wellbeing.

"Jack is totally fine," she shared, adding that she did follow all of the measures to ensure he was okay. She received a phone call from the vet the following day, saying: "He's fine, he's prancing around, he's not even hungover."

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