Two front pages that show the double standards for Labour and Tories

Peston on Sunday Official/YouTube screengrab

Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly been questioned over his links to leaders of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and members of the republic political party Sinn Fein.

After refusing to condemn the IRA without also condemning bombing campaigns done by Loyalists, Corbyn was slammed by the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph.

Picture: left: Daily Mail, right: Daily Telegraph.

Their fury appeared to focus on his refusal to condemn his relationship with republicans, despite being offered multiple chances to do so.

Yet on Sunday the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, speaking to Robert Peston, claimed Corbyn was ‘soft on terrorism’.

In response, Peston brought up Fallon’s meeting with President Bashar-al-Assad in 2007 as part of a parliamentary delegation.

He asked Fallon if it had been a mistake four times.

In each instance Fallon refused to condemn it.

Fallon refused to say it was a mistake.

Ten years ago we all hoped that Assad would be a better leader than his father.

Asked repeatedly, Fallon said:

No, it wasn’t a mistake to talk to Assad.

We all wanted him to be a better leader of Syria than his father ten years ago.

That has not turned out to be the case.

If the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph were outraged about his refusal to admit the 'mistake', they didn’t put it into print.

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