Woman issues warning after elf on the shelf nearly set her house on fire

Woman issues warning after elf on the shelf nearly set her house on fire
Elf on the Shelf gasses up his prank game by leaving boy …
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A woman has urged others to not follow her husband's lead after his Elf on the Shelf display almost burned down the house.

In a resurfaced viral clip that's racked up 44.1 million views, the woman showed the little elf positioned on their light fixture, with his face burned from the heat of the lightbulb.

"Reuploading my Elf on the Shelf video for you guys in case you need any ideas this year," she shared, adding that she's happy it didn't cause any more damage.

Many were left stunned by the clip, with one joking: "Burning the house down is the ultimate elf on the shelf naughty deed."

Another added: "Tell me why I thought HE burned it and then put it there to make it look like that’s what happened."

Meanwhile, a third added: "Karma on the shelf. He deserved it."


At least it didn't start a fire .... #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfideas #elfontheshelfadventures #elfontheshelffail

It comes after one mother left viewers divided over her "disrespectful" Elf on the Shelf prank.

In a 2022 Instagram video, one American woman shared that one of her pranks involved cutting a lock of each of her child’s hair as they slept and blaming it on the elf.

Julissa Sahm shared the video, which began with clips of Sahm cutting a piece of each child’s hair while they were asleep. The text overlay read: “Cookie is a very mischievous elf.”

It then cut to an image of the family’s elf, which they named Cookie, sitting next to a note that read: “You guys needed a haircut! No need to thank me. Cookie.”

Cookie was also holding a pair of scissors and was surrounded by chunks of their hair.

Some found it hilarious, while others harshly said it was "a total violation of safety and respect."

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