Elizabeth Warren's childhood doll collection has terrified people on Twitter

Sergio Flores/Getty Images/Elizabeth Warren/Twitter

US presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is hoping that in 2020 she can see off challenges from the likes of Bernie Sanders, Beto O'Rourke and Joe Biden to become the Democratic nominee and then beat Donald Trump to become the first woman to take office in the White House.

However, if she wants to win votes she will have to avoid giving her supporters nightmares, by sharing creepy pictures of her childhood doll collection.

In a tweet that the 69-year-old from Oklahoma posted on Thursday, explaining how as a child she wanted to be a teacher, she included a picture of herself and her dolls which she had lined up to play 'school' before emphasising the need to invest more in the future of children.

Whilst the tweet was good in nature and well-intentioned but Twitter users were completely freaked out by the dolls, which reminded them more of a horror movie than a school classroom.

That being said most people, although being utterly terrified were very keen to express that they were still going to vote for her and let's be honest, we don't see Beto O'Rourke sharing any pictures of his dolls, do we?

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