A complete timeline of Eric Trump's bizarre 'car crash' interview
ABC News

On Sunday morning, Eric Trump took part in a bizarre interview with ABC news.

During the interview with Jonathan Karl, the president’s son refused to reject that Kamala Harris is a “monster”, suggested that his father had taken a non-existent vaccine and made spurious claims about Joe Biden.

He was also repeatedly muted after refusing to give way to the interviewer to ask questions.

At the start of the interview, he responded to questions about a Trump rally in front of the White House. It was the president’s first public event since his Covid-19 diagnosis.

Karl was trying to determine whether the rally could have become a ‘super spreader’ event.

Trump asked: “Why is it that it’s only Trump events that are called out?”

He accused ABC News of not covering ‘Antifa’ events and proclaimed: “I’ve lost a lot of faith in the media, I really have.”

Karl confirmed that ABC News has covered protests and riots.

Nonetheless, this was just one of the many times in the interview that Trump complained about the media.

Then, in potentially the strangest moment of the interview, he invented an imaginary vaccine.

My father literally started day one creating this vaccine, he worked to push this vaccine and now my father just took it. You see how well he took it.

In disbelief, Karl pressed him on this. Trump had just implied that his father had taken a non-existent vaccine.

It appears that Trump confused vaccines with other drugs and medication that help with Covid-19 diagnoses.

After this, Trump complained that Biden didn’t want to show up to the debate.

The real story is that Biden backed out of a debate that is meant to take place next Friday.

Karl corrected him, telling him that it was Trump who had pulled out of the debate.

Later on in the interview, Karl brought up that president Trump had referred to Kamala Harris as a “monster” after the vice presidential debate.

Trump refused to condemn the comments and doubled-down on the attack. He claimed that she wants to abolish law enforcement.

Karl accused him of mischaracterising her positions. He once again refused to back down and inaccurately accused the Biden-Harris campaign of wanting to abolish law enforcement.

Then, when pressed on a New York Times investigation into Trump and special interests, he responded:

We’ve lost a fortune. My father has lost a fortune running for president.

The president’s son then went on to say that the “the last thing Donald Trump needs in the world” is the job that he’s currently running for a second time.

He continued talking and, when the volume was turned down, begged the interview to let him finish.

Strangely, he deflected by urging viewers to google Joe Biden’s house.

To finish what some are calling a ‘car crash’ interview, Trump once again complained about the media.

The media is gone in this country. The media is gone. Even when I hear this tone of the conversation... the media has become the activist arm of the Democrat party.

People thought the interview was a disaster.

When it comes to interview technique... like father, like son.

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