Every nation Britain has declared war on, mapped


Britain's colonial and troubling past is still rearing its ugly head.

In 2018 Theresa May was urged to apologise for Britain's legacy of anti-gay laws across the Commonwealth and criticised by Emily Thornberry for not apologising for "historic wrongs" of the Chagos Islands.

Not that all this guilt-ridden backpedalling is anything new. In 2013, the BBC thought the subject of retrospective apologies by UK Prime Ministers large enough to write a list of them.

With the rise of populism, imperialist fantasies appear to be at large: in a recent YouGov poll, 43 per cent of Brits were found to believe the British Empire was a "good thing" and 44 per cent believed we should be proud of past imperialism.

Yet this map of every nation that the UK - rather than just Great Britain - has declared war on by Redditor OnlyRegister might surprise you.

If you've seen maps floating about showing that Britain has invaded almost 90 per cent of countries around the globe, this take will seem pretty docile. Where are the Opium Wars of China? The British conquering of India? The Falklands War?

That's because the map doesn't paint the whole picture of Britain's war-mongering, as declaring war is a different act to invading a country.

Technically, Britain hasn't declared war on a country since World War II, though it has been involved in plenty of conflicts.

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