Everything the closure of Fabric will do to stop young people taking drugs

London's iconic Fabric nightclub is to shut after its licence was revoked following the drug-related deaths of two people.

More than 150,000 people, including leading DJs and record labels had joined a campaign calling for it to reopen, but to no avail.

Islington council, in a ruling in the early hours of Wednesday morning, said the club had failed to stop people buying and taking drugs - something the founders of Fabric disputed, explaining that it had set a good example for other clubs and had a good relationship with the police.

Campaigners have argued that the deaths of the two men within the space of nine weeks were "a tragedy" and that the club had been incident-free for two years before.

Many have also claimed that it is not the club's responsibility to stop people taking drugs. Others have pointed out that since Fabric opened in 1999 there have been six accidental deaths, while there have been over 100 in police custody in the same time period.

Nevertheless, lawmakers have landed on the novel idea of shutting a nightclub to stop young people doing what young people have been doing forever.

Here's just how effective this latest victory on the war on drugs is likely to be:

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