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So, the super secret society 'The Illuminati' have a Facebook group. And Facebook just officially verified it with a blue tick.

Just for some context, the name 'Illuminati' historically refers to a secret group founded in Bavaria in the late 1700s, formed with the purpose of opposing superstition and religious control of the state.

But more recently, the name has been attached to one of the world's most ubiquitous conspiracy theories.

Believers claim that a semi-satanical secret group, calling itself the Illuminati, are controlling or manipulating world events by infiltrating democracy behind the scenes, in order to establish a 'New World Order'.

And because this is 2017, there is actually an official website of a group calling itself 'The Illuminati'.

It even has its own Facebook page, with 380,000 followers.

And it's now been given the ultimate 21st century public endorsement: the 'blue tick'.

Picture: Picture: Screenshot / Facebook (@illuminatiam

Usually reserved for brands, celebrities, political figures or government departments, this official verification seems an unusual move for Facebook.

Conspiracy theorists delight in speculating as to membership of the Illuminati, via means of decoding hand gestures and symbols.

It is a charge often levied at Presidents of the United States, for example; conspiracy theorist David Vose claims that Donald Trump's 'quotation mark' gesture is an "open acknowledgement of his secret society affiliation with the Illuminati."

It's also been significantly linked to Justin Bieber, because these days everything can be traced back to Trump or Bieber.

But what about the timing of this verification tick - coincidence?

Who knows...

But clearly, secret societies and social media are mutually exclusive concepts.

H/T: Daily Mail

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