Farage accused of basing policy on views of one taxi driver from Hertfordshire

Nigel Farage is facing almost universal condemnation for remarks, made six months ago, that a Ukip government would repeal anti-discrimination laws.

Forced on the defensive today a week ahead of Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True being shown on Channel 4, the Ukip leader has been insisting he was only standing up for "British workers, whatever their colour".

In one fire-fighting interview, on LBC, Farage attempted to explain other comments in the same interview with Trevor Phillips that there is a "Muslim fifth column" trying to change the way people live in Britain.

He replied:

I'll just give you a personal example of a taxi driver who I caught a ride home from Hertfordshire with about 18 months ago.

Very bright, well educated, terribly nice fellow - I sat in the front with him.

He told me 'Your society in Britain is rotten and it needs changing. We are going to take over and introduce Sharia law'.

To which host Nick Ferrari replied:

Mr Farage, you currently lead a party that has a commendable 14 per cent rating in the polls for the upcoming general election.

You seem to be basing your policy on the views of one taxi driver in Hertfordshire. How wise is that?

You can listen to the full exchange below:

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