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A Filipino family were at the mercy of a woman who told them to 'go home' because New Zealand 'is for white people only' in a disgusting racist attack while they were visiting the country.

Krizia Egipto, who according to the Daily Mail has lived in New Zealand for four years, and her family were holidaying in Wellington, buying coffee at a shop when another Filipino man came over to talk to them.

This apparently angered a woman, sitting nearby smoking, because she shouted:

Don't come back here any more. You're not welcome here. This is only for white people. This country is for white people only.

In a post to Facebook, Krizia said:

While we were heading out of the shop this lady was giving us a look, then I told her 'You're a f*****g racist and a F*****g b***h', I got annoyed, angry and hurt.

Egipto said the shopkeeper asked the woman to leave, as 'they don’t tolerate those kind of people in their shop'.

However, when they bumped into the woman outside, she doubled down on her racist remarks earlier and began spouting it again.

After this, Egipto said she started to film the woman, asking why she thought they weren't welcome there, insisting 'we haven't done anything to you'.

In the footage, which has since been removed from Egipto's Facebook, the woman can be heard saying:

It's simple, no big deal. Go home.

You have a country, you're displacing white people.

However, Ms Egipto can be heard saying: 'We have legal visas to stay here'.

Talking about it online, she added:

I would never thought that I would experience racism and this kind of situation in my life.

But there are still nice people who approached me and gave me a hug because they saw what I did to the lady.  

People who saw the event unfold were quick to offer their support to Ms Egipto, because thankfully there is still some modicum of decency in this world.

Another lady also approached me, gave me a hug and also bought me an ice-cream. Their reaction was very good and they made us feel welcome.

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