Fox News guest: Obama comments on Christians like verbal rape

Fox News guest: Obama comments on Christians like verbal rape

Last week Barack Obama provoked widespread outrage in the US after pointing out violence in the name of religion was not historically limited to just Islam.

Speaking at a prayer breakfast in Washington, Obama told guests including the Dalai Lama that Christians should consider "terrible deeds" carried out in their name such as the Spanish Inquisition and Crusades before getting on their "high horse" about extremism.

Appearing on a panel on Fox News's Sean Hannity show, which discussed his comments, Christian writer and commentator Star Parker even managed to shock fellow guest and regular Fox pundit Geraldo Rivera.

"Let me put it in context then, because I was in that room and it was frankly verbal rape," Parker said, prompting an off-screen "wow" from Rivera. "We were not expecting it, nobody wanted it, it was horrible to sit through and after it was over we all felt like crap."

Hannity seemed less shocked, telling Parker: "While he did this against Christians, he cannot, will not, refuses to say that radical Islam exists."

Parker agreed, eventually adding: "We were in that room for unity and what he did was say 'don't ever forget the past guys', keep doing what you're doing over there in the Middle East."

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