'Let me give you the facts': Psaki pushes back on Fox News ...

Fox News had a technical malfunction during Monday's The Ingraham Angle show - that made the report unexpectedly accurate.

While attempting to list former President Donald Trump's achievements, the show suffered technical difficulties, and the screen showed blank spaces where the achievements were supposed to be.

As host Laura Ingraham began listing off what she believed are the former president's achievements, the on-screen graphics were meant to bullet point these accomplishments.

While the graphic started off by listing two things as it was supposed to - tougher trade policies and no wars - it then showed empty spaces.

As can only be expected, clips of the incident have since gone viral on social media, with making poking fun at the segment's mishaps.

"Think about how miserable the White House press corps was let's say around the end of 2019," Ingraham said during the segment. "That was when we had energy independence, that is when we had low inflation."

"We had rising wages even for blue-collar workers, we also had record-low unemployment. We had good trade deals and we had no new wars."

She added, "It didn't matter that investor and consumer confidence was at an all-time high and that optimism was robust all the way around. In fact, that annoyed our media so much."

"Fox finally got it right. I just might start watching Fox ……NOT!!" read one tweet reacting to the blunder.

"Well, she makes no legitimate points anyway. This way, they don't get sued for false advertising, I guess," commented another user.

"That is because there was nothing else to show! FOX is losing its patience with Trump and it is not the first time this happens!" read one tweet.

"Well…for once @FoxNews tells the truth…even accidentally (which I’m sure they said). But who knows, maybe whoever had control of the graphics knew what they were doing," said another.

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